Expert Building Consulting Services with ResourceOne Global

When you consult with a member from the ResourceOne Global Team, you can expect transparency and accuracy coupled with deep industry expertise for the insurance claims project resolution you want.

We know you want a fast and painless insurance claims resolution. We want the same for you.

You can rely on your expert ResourceOne Global building consultant to work with you to ensure speedy resolutions that align with your expectations and our work

Professional Building Consultant Experts You Can Trust

With more than 2000+ successfully completed projects and a chain of 100+ happy clients, we at ResourceOne Global take pride in our commitment to deliver on all of our client expectations.

To effectively handle projects across different industries, we have developed a comprehensive suite of services to help navigate through the different challenges and complexities of a situation.

Services Offered by ResourceOne Global Building Consultants

Property Damage Assessment
Forensic Engineering & Architecture
Environmental Services
Visual Assessment Technologies
Equipment Group
Litigation Support
Project Clerking & Monitoring
Fire & Explosion Investigation
Dispute Resolution
Expert Testimony

We are Different.

Finding a solution is easy. But that is not our goal. We aim to deliver the RIGHT solution for an insurance claim project – every single time. So regardless of the type and scope of insurance claim, we have the expertise to handle your project and deliver on your expectations.

We can even surpass your expectations. Find out if we are what you need for your commercial and residential insurance claims project.

Culture of Excellence

Each member of our team at ResourceOne Global has a clear goal – to deliver exceptional support and expertise that is uniquely tailored to meet the diverse needs of all our clients.

Our reputation is hard won after more than five decades in a highly competitive industry. We have only been building on our experience and have effectively bulked up our services platter so you know you are in absolute good hands with ResourceOne Global building consultants.

Do you need an experienced building consultant for your commercial or residential insurance claim? Call us at (407) 755-7926 or (321) 292-2804.

Extensive Insurance Claims Experience Spanning Multiple Industries and Markets in the US

Building consultants at ResourceOne Global have the experience and the expertise to handle a variety of commercial and residential insurance claims spanning different industries.

Industries We Serve

Service Areas

We serve clients in Atlanta (GA), Columbus (OH), Dallas-Fort Worth (TX), Las Vegas (NV), Los Angeles (CA), Nashville (TN), Phoenix (AZ), San Francisco (CA), Washington D.C., New Orleans (LA) and Orlando (FL).

Let Us Help You!

We are here to help you with all your commercial and residential insurance claims. So if you are in need of professional building consultants for your project, you can reach us quickly at (407) 755-7926 or (321) 292-2804.

We Are On Your Side

The team of building consultants at ResourceOne Global can handle all aspects of your insurance claim to ensure that you are always in a win-win situation vis-à-vis speedy insurance claims process and the resolution you expect.

We are on your side so you can be rest assured that your commercial or residential project is in good hands. Our dedication and commitment to ensuring a successful resolution, even in cases of large loss disputes, and meticulous attention to ensuring a fair process for all parties involved has helped us in establishing a trusted name in the industry.

Call Us Now!

If you need  help with your commercial and residental claims, then we can help. The expert building consultants at ResourceOne Global can help you navigate the complex insurance claims process so you remain stress-free.

Reach us at (407) 755-7926 or (321) 292-2804 if you are looking for a trusted building consultant service for your commercial and residential insurance claim.


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